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Personal Brilliance Author offers Questions for your child’s teacher

(Columbus, OH) Jim Canterucci, author of Personal Brilliance believes it is important to establish a relationship with your children’s teachers. He offers a few questions that important to help understand how your child’s teacher is promoting Personal Brilliance at school.

1.  How does the teacher assess the student in regards to reading, writing, and arithmetic?

This question will help you determine the style of the teacher. Are they operating with a “one size fits all” approach or do they lean towards individualized, customized teaching?

2.  What is the grading approach? Is there just a letter grade or is feedback inherent in the grading system. Of course, feedback grading requires more time from the teacher.

3.  How is the classroom set up?

This question helps determine how community is built in the classroom. Does the teacher work exclusively in a direct instruction/lecture mode (all seats facing the teacher) or are desks paired in groups and teams?

What else do you notice about the environment? Are the items hung on the wall representative of the students’ activities or do they just reflect the teachers perspective?

4.  What style does the teacher use in teaching?

Does the teacher utilize open ended activities or do they focus only on the answer to a problem, disregarding the many possible paths to solving the problem?

5.  How much one-on-one contact exists between student and teacher?

6.  What are the various means of communication between teacher and parent?

To learn more about Jim Canterucci and Personal Brilliance: Mastering the Everyday Habits that Create a Lifetime of Success, and to take the Personal Brilliance Quotient assessment visit www.MyPersonalBrilliance.com. To schedule an interview or request more information contact Laura Wright, PR by the Book, (432) 352-8622 or laura@prbythebook.com.

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