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Personal Brilliance - A Study in Innovation Applied to Individual Lives

WHO: Jim Canterucci, author of Personal Brilliance, Fortune 500 speaker and advisor, recently featured in The New York Times
WHAT: This book inspires readers to use their own natural abilities to develop an innovative approach in the business world and in their personal lives.
WHEN/WHERE: Jim Canterucci is currently available for interviews nationwide.

(OHIO) Today, innovation drives American business. FedEx prides itself on “decades of innovation,” Intel strives for “innovation in education,” and “innovation will be the compass that drives” Ford forward. It is a key component of modern-day success. But how do Americans become innovative contenders in the current work force? How do we ensure that we are not left behind in the increasingly competitive market?


In his book, Personal Brilliance, Jim Canterucci provides his readers with the knowledge necessary to develop an innovative style. With our own natural capacity for awareness, curiosity, focus, and initiative we can strengthen our ability to implement great ideas in an everyday setting.


Jim argues that innovation is not a top-down initiative, but rather individuals possessing The Habit of Innovation coming together that make a company more innovative. This allows an expansion of the innovation discussion beyond corporate strategy to a focus on the individual.


Jim Canterucci can discuss:

  • The necessity of an innovative style in today’s competitive business world.

  • The fundamental qualities we all possess needed for success. 

  • The techniques for putting these qualities to use.

  • The positive results of innovation.

To learn more about Jim Canterucci and Personal Brilliance: Mastering the Everyday Habits that Create a Lifetime of Success, and to take the Personal Brilliance Quotient assessment, visit www.MyPersonalBrilliance.com. To schedule an interview or request more information contact Holly Helbig, (614-899-9044).

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