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Participant Comments
"I can apply everything I learned."
"I have learned something new about myself."
"Many, many helpful ideas."

Jim Canterucci

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How to utilize Jim Canterucci as your speaker

Top 10 reasons to entrust Jim Canterucci with your audience:

  1. Relevance – Beyond creativity, beyond technical innovation Personal Brilliance addresses all aspects of life. Your audience can relate to Personal Brilliance.

  2. Mind Shift – Participants leave the session thinking differently about their world.

  3. Open Learning Channels – After hearing the Personal Brilliance message, audience members are more open to learning for the balance of your conference.

  4. Impact – Every detail concerning the Personal Brilliance presentation is coordinated with you to make a significant positive impression on your guests.

  5. Take Home – The journey begins with the keynote presentation. Each participant can customize their personal development plan with easy access to powerful tools.

  6. Amplify Awareness – Audience members increase self and environmental awareness.

  7. Heighten Curiosity – The spirit of exploration comes alive in audience members.

  8. Expand Focus – A 360 degree view of the world is presented.

  9. Intensify Initiative – Audience members learn to take action.

  10. Develop The Habit of Innovation – Participants work to make innovation and personal brilliance a habit in their lives.

Presentation Topics

Personal Brilliance
Developing the Habit of Innovation – Keynote

If you can relate to any of the following statements, don’t miss Personal Brilliance:

  • I am interested in increasing my options and choices in life.
  • I’m a busy person and I want to reduce my stress level.
  • I prefer meeting challenges head on and solving my own problems.
  • I want to become more efficient so I can work less and earn more.
  • I am looking for ways to increase my free time.
  • I’m committed to leading my organization to greater success.
  • I want to formulate better ways to manage my business or department.
  • I am inspired to improve the quality of my personal relationships.
  • I want to learn how to enrich my children’s learning and growth.

The Personal Brilliance keynote presentation lays out a dynamic and effective plan to:

  • Harness the power of awareness, curiosity, focus, and initiative,
  • Break through the barriers that stop us from expressing our greatest potential,
  • Make personal innovation part of our everyday lives, and
  • Stretch beyond our comfort zones to embrace positive change.

Personal Brilliance
Developing the Habit of Innovation – 1-3 day workshops

The Personal Brilliance Workshops build upon the keynote presentation for participants to experience practical exercises to enhance Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative to build a habit of innovation.

Change Project Management – The Next Step

This program explains Change Project Management methods that work. The focus of the session is on the approaches to change project management that consider the human dynamics within the organization. The session explains and addresses the frameworks of successful change implementation: preparing for change, executing the change project, and leveraging change.

See our Change web site at: www.corpchange.com

“This meeting had the highest attendance for this time of year. Everyone really enjoyed the program, it was skillfully prepared and professionally delivered, with just the right amount of humor.”
Mary Anne Knapke, CAE Executive Director
Ohio Society of Association Executives

“I can’t believe how many presenters and award recipients referred to the Personal Brilliance opening keynote content. Very relevant!”
Randall Reeder
The Ohio State University

“What a great program to begin our conference. Personal Brilliance is applicable to everyone in our audience. The buzz was great and there was solid take home value. Dealing with Jim’s office on the many extras and the smooth logistics makes my job a breeze.”
Linda Kirby
Project Management Institute
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