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Personal Brilliance Starter Kit - SAVE 20%

    $62.00  ea.
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Personal Brilliance Starter Kit - SAVE 20%

The Personal Brilliance Starter Kit is designed to help you as you begin your Personal Brilliance journey.

The components include:

The autographed hardcover book ($21.95)...to help you develop your roadmap. Makes a great gift if you already have a copy.

Leather Personal Brilliance Notebook ($29), and the Notebook refill 3-pack ($14) … to record your progress, make plans, and organize your   exercises.

Tutorial Audio CD ($12.95)…with tips and tricks for using the tools from Personal Brilliance author, Jim Canterucci.

Total retail value of these items if purchased separately is $77.90.  By purchasing the Personal Brilliance Starter Kit you pay only $62.00 plus tax and shipping, a savings of 20%.

“My Personal Brilliance Notebook is always with me. I think differently in meetings because of the notebook page layout and the four-color pen reminds me of when I was a kid and I made notes in color!”
--A Personal Brilliance Community Member

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