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Links to External Resources

  Link Name Link URL and Details
  DIG Think http://www.digbusiness.com/blog/
Truth, Creativity, and Power
  Don The Idea Guy's My Brain Blog http://dontheideaguy.blogspot.com/
Don is a marketing genius and regularly shares great ideas in this blog.
  Dr. Mike - It's All About Character http://www.itsallaboutcharacter.com/php/blog.php
Dr. Mike ties character and integrity into his material - components that are critical to Personal Brilliance.
  Virtualosophy http://www.virtualosophy.com/2005/09/brilliant.html
Stacy Brice the guru of Virtual Assistants discusses the MyPersonalBrilliance.com site.

Web Sites
  Link Name Link URL and Details
  1 Transition Management Advisors - Our sister site http://www.corpchange.com
This is Jim Canterucci's site for Transition Management Advisors. This is a destination site for organizational change leaders.
  Barry Maher http://www.barrymaher.com
An expert keynote speaker, a top trainer on management, communications, leadership, & sales, Barry Maher could be the perfect speaker for your next meeting, conference or convention. Based in Las Vegas & San Diego, California.
  Blawg Think 2005 http://www.lexthink.com/
This is an important conference on blogging.
  Book Marketing Update - John Kremer http://www.bookmarket.com/
Great site for book marketing resources.
  Celebrity Cafe http://www.thecelebritycafe.com/index.html
Click here to go to TheCelebrityCafe.com Interviews, Movie Reviews, CD Reviews, Book Reviews, Travel Feature Stories, Contests, Games and more...
  Clear View Management Resources http://www.clearview-mgt.com/
Principal Michael McVey is a great resource for succession planning and training development.
  Crinnology.com http://www.crinnology.com/Personal_Brilliance
Crinnology.com is all about the science, or study of Creativity and Innovation. It was staretd by Andy Beckett, as a way of helping to encourage everyone in the field of Creativity and Innovation.
  DIG Business http://www.digbusiness.com/
Innovative marketing approaches.
  Hello My Name is Scott http://www.hellomynameisscott.com/default.aspx?SiteArea=Philosophy
Scott started with an experiement - wearing a name tag wherever he goes. He focuses on how approachable you are. He's the author of The Power of Approachability.
  Idea Barista - Great Ideas with a Coffee Theme http://www.ideabarista.com/
Don The Idea Guy uses a coffee theme to promote the generation of great ideas.
  Innovation Tools http://www.innovationtools.com/
Chuck Frey pulls info together on the latest innovation trends, news, technology, resources, and viewpoints.
  Michael J. Herman Motivational Minute http://www.michaeljherman.com
  Motivational Speaker and Former Disney Consultant Louie Gravance http://www.gravance.com
  NSA Ohio http://www.nsaohio.org
NSA Ohio, The Association for Professional Speakers in Ohio.
  Personal Brilliance Daily Appointment Audio Suite dailyappointment.pbselfstudy.com
The Personal Brilliance Daily Appointment is a unique tool that incorporates your personal affirmations and visualizations into a relaxing audio suite. By listening daily, you consistently focus your awareness on your goals so you can take full advantage of opportunities as they appear.
  Personal Brilliance Lens on Squidoo http://www.squidoo.com/mypersonalbrilliance
  Podcastzoom http://www.podcastzoom.com
podcast directory
  Self Growth http://www.selfgrowth.com
A comprehensive web site dedicated to self growth and improvement.

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